The patch brought a lot of changes and like most people, I am having some mixed feelings.


I love the changes. I know ret was having some low dps issues, but I am loving the new priority system. I used to get really bored just spamming consecrate and divine storm, and all the freaking blessings and buffs just ended up confusing me. It got to the point where I just didn't like logging into my pally anymore. With these new changes and holy power, while it is a lot to get used, I feel like it is new and exciting, but I dont have to start over. I can just go back to a character I love, and had pretty much abandoned. Yay for a fresh start.


Honestly, haven't really  played my mage. She is basically on haitus until Cata comes out and I need to level her to 85. Right now I hear mages are totally OP, and I might run a heroic at some point just to see how things have changed, but mainly I just want my water elemental despawning when I mount up cause I am sick of that little bastard aggroing everything in site.


Love the lack of ammo, love the extra pets (need to go on a pet taming spree) and need to run a dungeon or two to see how focus and everything is actually affecting the way I play my hunter. Also need to run some bgs and get a pvp spec. That is going to be fun :D


Well, my lock doesn't get a lot of love since she is part of a duo who rarely gets online, but I am loving some of the little changes I noticed when I redid her talent tree. Loving the lack of soul shards, sad about the pet name changes (glad they are getting changed back, I got attached to the little buggers), and generally loving how OP casters are at the moment. Mmmm... one-shotting mobs :D


Well, I hear that unholy is awesome, but I haven't really tried it out yet. I did try a dungeon with my baby frost DK, but omg was that horrible. Her dps was atrocious. Need more practice with both to tell how I really feel about the rune changes.  
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