Mini Update

So, just a quick list of things I would like to accomplish before Cata hits in a month:

Kika - Get back her rep with the goblin factions since not being able to fly is a pain in the ass. I'd also like to do the thanksgiving event with her. And obviously any Cata events that are coming up.

Mythri - Since she is duoing with Ruffjay, I am just going to work on her enchanting little by little, and probably try and get her to level 65 so I can become a higher level enchanter.

Azelie - On hold until Cata, when some lowbies get to be her level so she can tank.

Erianthe - Really want to try to finish the explorer achievement and finish the Cata events as they come.

Linistea - HIT LEVEL 80! Omg why has it not happened yet? I'm debating moving her over to Stormrage. I think should would get more play, and more love, since Moonrunner feels a little dead to me lately, and there is the slim chance Lin could actually raid with Hardcoeur, but I dunno.  I dont have any room on Stormrage and I really want to make a bunch of Horde alts as well as some Alliance ones.
I guess I will wait til Cata hits and see how everything plays out.

Besides that I am just hoping that Blizz will finally let us have more character slots per server. I dont really want to delete Adeilina and Anira, but I am never going to play them again. I would much rather play Lin and my soon to be worgen druid. If it wasn't so much money I would just transfer them off.
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