I just opened up LJ to try writing a post and they asked if i wanted to restore my last saved draft. Turned out to be this:

I just sent out the last Daily Bulletin I will EVER do.

Apparently I haven't been on here since April of last year when I left PW. Oops. Didn't really mean for that to happen. Lets just fast forward to the most recent crazy.

1) Knitting is super fun and (occasionally) relaxing. I tend to fuck up what I am working on a lot but in the last few weeks I have finished a lot of projects which is making me excited to do more complicated things than just scarves. I love how I have been knitting for almost a decade but am only really getting into it now. I blame the roommates :P

2) Long distance sucks. Well, I always knew that was going to be true. But we're working on it and he is (finally) coming out to visit me, so that is something to look forward to. Well actually we are both going to visiting NYC, but I'll take what I can get. I was going to have to buy a plane ticket out there anyway. So assuming life doesn't interfere like it usually does, in a few months Alec will be meeting my family and hanging out in NYC with me. Poor boy doesn't know what he is getting into.

3) I miss my sister. She is off in Lima having a grand adventure and we have never been super close. We were always too different to really get along. Lately things have changed though, and we have been talking more and actually giving a shit about each other's lives. Course as soon as that happened she moved to another continent, but I'll take what I can get. The little brat is actually a pretty awesome sister.

4) I need a haircut. I also want some new shoes.

5) I have no idea what I am doing. In general, most of the time.
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Random Work Quotes

M: You're like Batman with your attention span... someone is talking and then BAM! You just aren't there anymore.

Me: *ahem* Whatcha doin?
M: To the untrained eye it looks like I am playing a video game instead of working.
: And to the trained eye? Me: And to the trained eye?
M: I am losing to a video game instead of working.
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Meme Time

Because transrelativity asked me to :D

The Rules:
1. People who have been tagged must write the answers on their blog and replace any question they dislike with a new, original question.
2. Tag six people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag the person who tagged you.

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Why I hate Outside

Today my friend got me to go running. Honestly, I tried to get into running a little over a year ago, and it lasted about 2 weeks. I am good at walking... not running. Also, I woudl do better on a nice indoor track but the closest one is Bally's and their fees are ridiculous. Anyways, we walked over to the track by my house, he ran a little over 5 miles and I ran about 2 before I found a nice little spot on a bench in the sun. Somehow in the 15 min or so I was sitting there in the freezing cold wind, with the clouds totally blocking out the sun most of the time, and still totally managed to get a bit sunburned. the sun hates me! this is why i dont go outside unless i need to!!
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Kika has been looking for a freaking earth rift since the invasion started. Damn you rifts! I dont even want to start it on my other characters because it is just going to give me a massive headache. I am hoping the 80s will be able to get the achieve once the massive events in the cities start occuring... but honestly this is one FoS that I just really care about my "main" having.

Also, I wany my bank alt to get the cultist robes. I'm sick of looking at the elegant dress all the time and pink is not Cztery's color.
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Mini Update

So, just a quick list of things I would like to accomplish before Cata hits in a month:

Kika - Get back her rep with the goblin factions since not being able to fly is a pain in the ass. I'd also like to do the thanksgiving event with her. And obviously any Cata events that are coming up.

Mythri - Since she is duoing with Ruffjay, I am just going to work on her enchanting little by little, and probably try and get her to level 65 so I can become a higher level enchanter.

Azelie - On hold until Cata, when some lowbies get to be her level so she can tank.

Erianthe - Really want to try to finish the explorer achievement and finish the Cata events as they come.

Linistea - HIT LEVEL 80! Omg why has it not happened yet? I'm debating moving her over to Stormrage. I think should would get more play, and more love, since Moonrunner feels a little dead to me lately, and there is the slim chance Lin could actually raid with Hardcoeur, but I dunno.  I dont have any room on Stormrage and I really want to make a bunch of Horde alts as well as some Alliance ones.
I guess I will wait til Cata hits and see how everything plays out.

Besides that I am just hoping that Blizz will finally let us have more character slots per server. I dont really want to delete Adeilina and Anira, but I am never going to play them again. I would much rather play Lin and my soon to be worgen druid. If it wasn't so much money I would just transfer them off.
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The patch brought a lot of changes and like most people, I am having some mixed feelings.


I love the changes. I know ret was having some low dps issues, but I am loving the new priority system. I used to get really bored just spamming consecrate and divine storm, and all the freaking blessings and buffs just ended up confusing me. It got to the point where I just didn't like logging into my pally anymore. With these new changes and holy power, while it is a lot to get used, I feel like it is new and exciting, but I dont have to start over. I can just go back to a character I love, and had pretty much abandoned. Yay for a fresh start.


Honestly, haven't really  played my mage. She is basically on haitus until Cata comes out and I need to level her to 85. Right now I hear mages are totally OP, and I might run a heroic at some point just to see how things have changed, but mainly I just want my water elemental despawning when I mount up cause I am sick of that little bastard aggroing everything in site.


Love the lack of ammo, love the extra pets (need to go on a pet taming spree) and need to run a dungeon or two to see how focus and everything is actually affecting the way I play my hunter. Also need to run some bgs and get a pvp spec. That is going to be fun :D


Well, my lock doesn't get a lot of love since she is part of a duo who rarely gets online, but I am loving some of the little changes I noticed when I redid her talent tree. Loving the lack of soul shards, sad about the pet name changes (glad they are getting changed back, I got attached to the little buggers), and generally loving how OP casters are at the moment. Mmmm... one-shotting mobs :D


Well, I hear that unholy is awesome, but I haven't really tried it out yet. I did try a dungeon with my baby frost DK, but omg was that horrible. Her dps was atrocious. Need more practice with both to tell how I really feel about the rune changes.  
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Big Shiny Comp!

My new computer is huge. I had no idea the tower was going to be so big. None. But damn is that a pretty machine. I can not wait til I get a real monitor so I can really start playing. Hooking it up to my 40 inch tv was fun... but not ideal for actually playing wow. It did look awesome. Especially the WotLK intro. I forgot how pretty it was.

Anyway. Today I was good and completed both a random dungeon and Ahune on Eri for frost badges. Sadly no pet dropped.. but I finally have enough for the epic shoulders! Unless I just keep saving for something that needs 95 badges. Still not sure what I am doing. Maybe I will wait and see until after Midsummer... since that will net me about 4 a day if I keep at it. I also ran ZG and Kara for mounts after I switched to the big screen... man was that difficult. I had trouble seeing everything and it was all spread out, but the bosses died and I didn't so it is all good :)

I also logged into Cynz to get her triumph badges, and omg was it dumb. I was rushing to get the instance done before work (they put me in Nexus), my buffs were not showing up (still now idea why) and I had recount on the wrong tab so I thought my damage was horrible, which made sense since I had travis aggro. Then I switched and realized that even though I had the lowest gs (not that it matters) and was not doing anything half the time, my dps was the best and about 100 higher than the next person. That kinda made me a little proud and a little sad. Awesome cause mages are awesome and sad cause with the way I was playing I shouldn't have been higher than these other players. Oh well... Cynz is now up to 8 triumph emblems... Tier 9 here I come in a very long time. oh! and Cynz is level 72 now :) Maybe I will actually get her to 78 before Midsummer ends so she can kill Ahune. Not that it wil be easy since she is a frost mage and that doesn't work well against frost things. I hate seeing Immune pop up over the heads of things I am trying to kill... especially when I am questing and have no back-up.