Big Shiny Comp!

My new computer is huge. I had no idea the tower was going to be so big. None. But damn is that a pretty machine. I can not wait til I get a real monitor so I can really start playing. Hooking it up to my 40 inch tv was fun... but not ideal for actually playing wow. It did look awesome. Especially the WotLK intro. I forgot how pretty it was.

Anyway. Today I was good and completed both a random dungeon and Ahune on Eri for frost badges. Sadly no pet dropped.. but I finally have enough for the epic shoulders! Unless I just keep saving for something that needs 95 badges. Still not sure what I am doing. Maybe I will wait and see until after Midsummer... since that will net me about 4 a day if I keep at it. I also ran ZG and Kara for mounts after I switched to the big screen... man was that difficult. I had trouble seeing everything and it was all spread out, but the bosses died and I didn't so it is all good :)

I also logged into Cynz to get her triumph badges, and omg was it dumb. I was rushing to get the instance done before work (they put me in Nexus), my buffs were not showing up (still now idea why) and I had recount on the wrong tab so I thought my damage was horrible, which made sense since I had travis aggro. Then I switched and realized that even though I had the lowest gs (not that it matters) and was not doing anything half the time, my dps was the best and about 100 higher than the next person. That kinda made me a little proud and a little sad. Awesome cause mages are awesome and sad cause with the way I was playing I shouldn't have been higher than these other players. Oh well... Cynz is now up to 8 triumph emblems... Tier 9 here I come in a very long time. oh! and Cynz is level 72 now :) Maybe I will actually get her to 78 before Midsummer ends so she can kill Ahune. Not that it wil be easy since she is a frost mage and that doesn't work well against frost things. I hate seeing Immune pop up over the heads of things I am trying to kill... especially when I am questing and have no back-up.
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