Grr Blizz

All I want to do is log in and play with my UI... whya re you making this difficult blizzard? 
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Moonrunner fun

So I was all ready to cycly through my characters as usual and somehow just got stuck on Eri and Lin. Playing my DK didn't feel like a chore today! And alot got accomplished. I killed Ahune for my two frost badges, then explored Duskwood while waiting for my random heroic to pop (got VH, and only need one more boss for the Lockdown achievement). I believe I am now at 56 Frost Emblems, which means I can get my first piece of Tier 10 tomorrow! I'm thinking shoulders since I want to attempt VoA at some point and I know things I could use drop there (not that I will get them since my luck sucks).

After feeling all proud of myself for getting all that done, I thought I would queue for some normal dungeons that I can still get upgrades out of... PoS, FoS, and ToC. I ended up having to joust and Banner of Victory dropped! Not only that... I was the only one who needed it! Someone asked in the beginning of the run about needing the tanking trinket (which I already have for some reason) and I replied I was there for the banner, and I am not sure if everyone just gave it to me or really didn't need it but I am not questioning it.

I was really feeling good after that (and the USA soccer game was driving me insane) so I went to start questing in Howling Fjord. I explored the zone and now have my Explorer's Tabard :) I also ended up running another random with a guildie who wanted company. Got to admit... my dps really started sucking at the end when the US game was ending and they scored in the 91st min. I was a little distracted!

I accidentally ended up requeuing for another normal (though never normal ToC again on Eri! I am done there!) and got into PoS with a decent group... and The Two Ton Hammer dropped and I wont the roll!

I didn't want to press my luck on Eri anymore, so I hopped on Lin and started doing the fires/exploring the rest of EK, while trying to queue for the last couple of classic dungeons I needed. I just really dont want to go to Hellfire, so I am spending as much time in EK and Kal as possible. Midsummer greatly helps that :D

I was kinda scared when I zoned into Dire Maul west... but I had a pretty decent group for once. I was a little upset cause my corehound bugged out near the end and I was having super issues with dps... but we finished it nicely, people got their random dungeon goodies, and I got another boss down on my list. This leaves DM North, which I also zoned into but again it was a fail pug. I dont know what happened. Most of my lower level pugs were not nearly this bad... but it seems like the 60's level dungeons are filled with HORRIBLE ppl. To make myself feel better I explored Badlands, Dun Morogh, Blasted Lands, Swamp of Sorrows, Deadwind Pass, and Stranglethorn Vale. So I am about half finished with both exploring and the fire for EK. Luckily I have two weeks.
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The Start of Midsummer...

I LOVE the new holiday boss group finder. I think it is awesome we no longer have to deal with summons, and can just farm the boss as many times as we want and just get the daily bag with the special stuff. I think that is going to make Brewfest and Hallow's End a LOT more fun.

I am really happy I am getting a new computer and can rework my addons again. I know they are going to break as soon as Cata hits... but I have redone them so many times lately that I think I can fix them easily :) At least I am hoping I can.

Ok.. updates:

Erianthe is now Flame Warden Erianthe. Or she could be if I wasn't so amused at her being Crusader Erianthe. I used the Holiday boss interface to kick Ahune's ass, and then somehow managed to juggle 40 torches by myself in the Dalaran sewers. It took disabling all my addons and about 25 min worth of trying, even tried using a real mouse, but I couldn't get past 36. But it is done now and I can try it on my other characters :) Eri also got the DPS cloak from Ahune (yay for super overgeared guildmates), finished questing in Sholozar Basin, started getting rep with the Oracles, and somehow managed to get the Breadwinner achievement ;) (Yay looting 10k from quests).

LINISTEA got her COREHOUND!! Finally!! After all these years :) I have wanted one since I rolled my first dranei in BC and found him sitting in that cave. Now I just have to name him. Think, think, think. Corehound also means that Lin hit 60. I have my fourth character going into outlands (I dont count Mythri since she is 58 and I dont really play her). Anyway, I busted ass on Lin this weekend to get her to 60. She explored Azshara, bought her 7th bank tab, got the achieve for looting 100g, got a run through Strat, ate 50 different foods, explored Eastern Plaguelands, and finally got her corehound and explored Bloodmyst Isle. In the next few days I am going to try and finish exploring EK and Kal, while I am getting all the flames and trying to finish the last few classic dungeons. I have Scholo, two wings of Dire Maul, and LBRS (which I dont remember in the slightest). Unfortunately Lin has been having HORRIBLE luck with pugs lately. The last one she was in actually kicked her while she was dead. Bastards. And it was in Dire Maul... like I know where the entrance is. Hopefully she will have better luck soon.

Cynz has been getting some love also. Since her random dungeon queues are so long, I have been questing while waiting for her first random of the day for triumph emblems and then moving on to other characters. She now has 6 triumph badges and has completed UK and the Nexus. She is also almost level 72. I was pleasantly surprised to see I had finished the EK and Kal flames last year, so this year I took her through the Outlands flames, exploring on the way. She has now finished all the flame achieves and only has Terrokar and Shadowmoon left for Outlands. I'd like to slay Ahune with her... but I dont know at what level the Holiday Boss finder appears... I am hoping it is not 80. I should look that up.

Antazha is now level 7 and I really really want to get her to 20 so she can have a mount. I am now remembering why I hate soloing rogues.
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show up

Friday Update

- Is now revered with the Kirin Tor, and subsequently the Northrend Vanguard :) That brings her total up to 13 and 6 were in the last week! If only other reps could be gained by wearing a tabard in dungeons (I'm looking at you BC factions)
-Finished the Snows of Northrend and exploring Sholozar Basin. Now if only she could get revered with the Oracles and finish the remaining 12 quests I need there.
-Finished Consumption Junction from Glory of the Hero and finally got Looking for Multitudes! Eri finally has the perky pug!!

-Attempted to run the remaining Classic dungeons she needed and the RDF failed her
-Did AV (yay call to arms weekend) and got almost half a level :)
-Explored 6 zones in Kalimdor while mining and waiting for AV... Felwood, Ashenvale, Darkshire, Teldrassil, Un'goro Crater, and Tanaris. Also did most of the Scholo key quest chain without even realizing it.

-Did her first random Lich King dungeon. She got her first triumph emblems (and an achieve for it), kicked the ass out of UK, and finished all the quests there. Yay for my first hordie in Northrend!!
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On Guild Talents...

Why do people keep complaining about them "removing" guild talents? If anyone actually read the posts by Ghostcrawler they would know that they pretty much changed the name to "perks" and now you can get ALL of them instead of having to pick and choose and risk pissing off people in your guild. I do not understand where all the hostility is coming from. It is not like they totally removed a cool feature that they promised us. In fact... it seems like they took away some drama causing features and are instead giving us MORE. Ugh people... l2r.
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team sylvanas

Mage Addons, Ui, and Outland Dungeonmaster

Insomnia hit me again last night so I thought it was obviously the best time to work on my undead mage's UI. Since I picked up playing Cynz again, I had been using the same basic set-up as my DK and through RDF I learned it was a set up that seriously wasn't working for me. I forgot to actually take a picture of the new set-up, but let's just say that it took a lot of time and when my pugs were failing I had random addon options windows open to do some tweaking between pull and before corpse runs. Another thing that sparked this UI overhaul was the discovery of the Mage Nuggets addon and a desire to get all the portal and teleport spells the hell off my bars. Luckily Mage Nuggets took care of all of that (though I didn't figure that out until after I dled several different portal addons that all sucked, at least for my taste). 

In addition to overhauling my UI, I also wanted to get the last 3 Outlands Dungeons behind me. I had Shadow Labs, Magister's Terrace, and Arcatraz left. Unfortunately everytime I managed to get into any of these three dungeons it was always a horrible wipefest. Take last night. I finally got into Shadow Labs after a horrendous long wait (as usual, though this time we were missing a tank instead of a healer). The tank was wearing mail, and leather, and CLOTH. What tank wears cloth?! And the lock... while he was no where as bad as the tank, he was still stacking all the wrong stats. But we soldiered on. I figured after the long wait, a crap slow dungeon was better than none at all, and maybe I would be pleasantly surprised. Apparently I am on crack in the wee hours of the morning. We must have wiped about 3 times before we even hit the second boss. After the second, the healer whispers me about the failness of the tank. She must have realized I was semicompetent when everyone but the two of use ran down the wrong hallway and ignored us when we told them to come back. As we continued on to the next boss, we are thanking each other for being the only two competent ones in the run, stating the 2.5/5 wasn't all bad (the dk dps wasn't on our shit list like the other two, but he wasn't stellar either). We both say we will drop group after the next wipe, and as I am about to run into the instance I read "DONT DROP!" Apparently the failtank had dropped after rezzing. Sometimes wishes are granted. The faillock ended up dropping after the priest and I started questioning his taste in gear. The DK started chatting with us about their failness and we all decided to requeue. Sadly, 25 min later there was still no tank and we had to call it since it was already 4:15 AM.

This morning I decided to try out the new UI while being slightly more awake, and managed to actually get through not only Shadow Labs, but also Arcatraz! I thought I was pushing it as I queued for MT, but figured, what the hell... I want my achievement. I took a zeppeling to Howling Fjord, starting doing some questing and got into 2 fail MT pugs. Apparently 3rd times a charm. Zoned into the instance and saw a warrior, a shaman, and 2 other mages. We kicked the SHIT out of that instance. Three mages spamming blizzard, with three water elementals out, and a warrior that could keep aggro? No freaking contest. It was freaking awesome. I was an idiot and forgot to complete the quest for Heroic MT, mainly cause we were going through it so fast.

After that I was on a high and thought I would try for a random WotLK dungeon with the hour I had left before work. Some more questing, loving seeing the other side of Howling Fjord, and I get put into UK, which I already have one of the quests for so yay! I was all excited to leave the crap of BC behind when lo and behold we wipe on the first boss.... 4 times. I am not kidding. How hard is it to hit the frost tombs? I am a frost mage... my frost spells dont work on them and I still managed to break most of them (mainly cause no one else was trying). At one point the healer freaked and was all "when he casts FT everyone drop what you are doing, run over and hit the shit out of it." This after I am practically the only one even attempting to break any. I snarkily asked if they would prefer if I ran over and hit them with my staff or should i keep casting fireball. The next wipe, after breaking all the tombs myself, I rezzed, dropped group and ran to get dressed for work. I wish I had better pug luck. They hurt my head so much.
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Too Many Alts?

So... the alt bug has hit me again. I want to play it all! I can't help it. I am trying to keep the number down to less than 10 per server, and I want to delete some of the characters I have no desire to ever play again (especially on the full servers)

Here is the current rundown for Moonrunner:
Erianthe (lvl 80 DK)
Linistea (lvl 56 Hunter)
Cztery (Bank Alt)
Antazha (lvl 6 Rogue)

And I plan on making a Mage and Druid come Cataclysm. I was going to roll a druid now, but I am not too fond of night elves, so I thought it was best to wait. Of course waiting on a druid meant rolling a rogue now, so I'm welcoming Az to my litlle Moonrunner family. In the bid for playtime she is a distant 4th after Lin, Eri, and my horde mage on another server, but I am excited to play her which is very new for me since I never really had luck with rogues. Maybe it will be better if I mainly use the dungeon finder and battlegrounds. After all the rogues that have stalked me as Lin I think I have picked up a few things.
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I recently came back to wow after a couple months break. I switched servers (I am now mostly on Moonrunner), joined a new guild, found a few awesome people to play with, and in general starting having an awesome time with the game again. I have a new main, a new alt, and a totally different playstyle. Instead of leveling 15 million alts at the same time, I am actually focusing on my main (unholy dk, Erianthe) and my "main" alt (bm hunter, Linistea).

It just feels so nice to be excited about wow again. 
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